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We're experienced in the various phases of transactional management, buying, selling, managing, private equity capitalization, investment banking, general business consulting, financing (institutional as well as private), and transaction closings. Our firm's principals combined experience in the transaction management of acquisitions and divestitures is well-rounded, all-inclusive, and diverse in deal conditions, market conditions, and transaction characteristics.

Industries & Marketplaces to Which We Cater
There are many industries that we have chosen not to provide services but our focus is not necessarily only on specific industries. Rather, the criteria that we use to assess whether or not we will represent a company is more heavily weighed towards characteristics of companies that we feel are have higher probabilities of longer-termed life. Important questions to ask are:

  • Is the company's industry trending up, is it static, or is it in decline?

  • When the company's financials are recasted and graphed, will the line reflect revenues, profitability, and margin of profitability to be on an incline, decline, or static?

  • Could the product/service provided by the opportunity be construed by anyone as being even remotely less than moral or ethical?

  • Is the offering or company properly priced?

  • With what method(s) of valuation was the company assessed?

  • Does adequate market demand exist for the type of opportunity within private equity, investment banking, merger and acquisition, and "smart money" investment community?

  • Will the deal pass the litmus test of market-rate expected ROI for debt and/or equity parties who might be interested?

  • To what degree does the financing and investment of the offering price work out numerically for a prospective buyer?

  • What is the banking community's willingness to do on the deal?

How and Where
We provide services for our seller clients as well as for buyer clients who are pursuing an acquisition. We'll work with both parties to intermediate a sale but, however, we will not represent both a seller client and a buyer client in the same transaction (we don't participate in "dual agency").

We strongly feel that the overall environment for M&A transactions, private equity placements, and small to mid-sized investment banking transactions has changed over the years and that "old school" practices of transaction management still commonly utilized by many investment banking, merger and acquisition professionals, and business brokerage professionals lacks the level of service that the transaction really needs to get to the closing table. Our methodologies are quite aggressive and innovative and we consequently consider ourselves to be "new school" intermediaries in our approach to transactions in which we are engaged.

For our seller clients, we're very familiar with the most successful and innovative methodologies of "deal flow" channels to maximize exposure to potential candidates who are seeking to possibly acquire.

We represent divesting and acquiring clients both on a local, smaller-scaled basis (to a specific local or regional market) as well as on a larger, or more national basis.

Ethics and Principles
We're deliberately forthright, we're experienced, we're aggressive, we're evangelical Christians. We are very reasonable and strongly believe in being very direct, and to-the-point. Our time is valuable and so is your's, right?  We have acquired, owned, started, sold, brokered, and structured financial transactions. Consequently, we can very closely relate your interests, whether they are to invest in or grow financial opportunities, to acquire, sell, or evaluate your company and financial options you may have.

We Make this Very Strong Promise to You
We promise to do our best for you with that which you give us work with. We understand the value of your years of time investment into your company and the value of your cash investment. We promise to be extremely considerate of your interests and we will not play games or be anything short of very honest and forthright with you. We very strongly believe in the well-known Bible verse (Matthew 7:12) which says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. You will get nothing short of that from us.

We Ask a Very Simple Request of You
We ask that you do the same for us that we promise to do for you. Please honor that.


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