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We offer transactional management, guidance, and coordination of small to medium sized private equity, investment banking, merger and acquisition, and business brokerage projects. Our engagements often include the entire process from strategically sourcing and coordinating all parties of the transaction, valuation and financing consulting, deal structure guidance, and preparation of various pre-closing and post-closing issues. Financial packaging is one our core strengths. Our packaging development is exhaustive, thorough, highly credible, and focused on maximizing attractiveness with interested parties of equity and debt providers.

We work with interested parties and clients nationally on a very broad-scale basis, as well as regionally, or on a small-scale basis to particular local market. We're acutely familiar with the confidential nature of a buy/sell transaction and we address the topic with emphasis and protectionism.

Small to Mid-sized Interests
We entertain small to mid-sized private equity projects, investment banking projects, merger and acquisition candidates, and business brokerage deals, and real estate investments. These range in size and are evaluated on a deal-by-deal basis.

Private Equity, Investment Banking Projects
Depending on various strategic business characteristics, we sometimes take on small to mid-sized investment banking / private equity deals. We have a network of opportunistic private equity capital investors who make equity participations depending whether or not they are "a fit" with their interests.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Brokerage
We offer full and partial-service client representation. We provide structured and methodical M&A and business brokerage management services, but yet tailored, if necessary, to meet the individual needs of the client. 

Representation With Whom You Can Relate
Not only are we seasoned at guiding principals through all of the various phases of the transaction, but we are also experienced business owners, buyers, and sellers. We have bought, sold, owned/operated, grown, "turned-around", and consulted with businesses and their owners on all phases of acquisition, ownership, growth, management, marketing, financing, divestiture, etc. Put simply, having "walked the mile in your shoes", you'll find we can relate to whichever phase of a transaction you're in. We know and understand your endeavors, wants, needs, and goals. We've been there.

We're Listening
We're always interested in great business contacts. If you're a rainmaker and you've got something interesting, feel free to call. We'd love to talk. Our preferred method of sourcing deal flow is through our grapevine.

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